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powerblock pro review

Especially the PowerBlock PRO Exp sets; they’re the toughest of all the models. The trade-off, however, is that you lose the main benefit of the PowerBlocks, which is the very rapid weight adjustment. Remove one 2.5lb insert (weight distribution is off), you get 17.5LB, remove both inserts, you get 15lb. This is an upgrade over the older pin styles which were made of metal. It’s fast and pretty straight forward. I called the powerblock customer service number and they said the earliest they would be available is 3 months from now in June and that is not guaranteed. My concern is the that the weight conversion numbers for the ketel attachment appears inaccurate for the pro exp series. PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. Having the knurl will give you even more grip. Adjusting the weight is the same process as with the dumbbells. That said, it’s still useful at heavier weights for other exercises like one arm kettlebell rows, 1 arm carries, etc. The wedge design gives you significantly more front-to-back space in the upper portion of the handle... ...Why is this extra space in the upper handle so useful? I’ve been trying to find more info on the kettlebell handle and am having trouble. dumbbell push press). 50.80 lbs / 50 lbs / +1.6% The sport model looks to be more compact so I’m wondering whether to go for a more compact model. The handles fit perfectly inside the nested weight stack of your Pro EXP set. The Stage 3 Expansion Kit includes the weight blocks shown below: The Pro EXP Stage 3 Set is final form of the Pro EXP line. The PowerBlocks are best if you care most about the ability to save time in your workouts because of the rapid adjustment, which is my number one priority right now. Look them up! As always there should be no concern over quality either way, it’s hard to argue with the classic set up of a fully welded set but for anyone thinking ‘whats the best’ it’s definitely the Pro. Before I list the steps for adjusting, you should first understand the color-coded weight setting graphic that’s printed on top of each handle -- it’s pretty straight forward: The important things to understand are as follows: Keeping the above in mind, here’s the step-by-step adjustment process: The above is my admittedly long-winded description of the adjustment process -- It may look like a long process based on the amount of text I used. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this knowing that you don’t speak for Powerblocks. Most other companies selling selectorized dumbbells have a 1 year warranty or less. This is done by having a lever controls whether the cylinders are open or closed. only models going up to 90 lbs per dumbbell). The sticker says it's for the U-90, which is the dumbbell model that the Pro EXP replaced. The one thing I'll say is that these are the ones that you CANNOT upgrade with heavier plates so buyer beware. You’d need a much greater impact force to cause deformation to the frame with this flex design, compared to the welded/non-flexing plate design seen on all other PowerBlock dumbbell lines (i.e. The individual weights themselves are not all exactly 10 lbs. They can go up to 120 lbs with the 75-120 lb add-on kit, which you can actually increase to 135 lbs with their new heavy handle plate kit (or you can even go to 165 lb with their custom 165 lb add-on kit, which you have to custom order). Thanks, Andy! I’m hoping to do kb swings at up to 70lbs, maybe even 80lbs. Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2020. And it’s overall great. Even though my preference is for a straight handle, I can still grasp onto a contoured handle just fine. 2. Powerblock … The auto-lock makes adjustment easier, so you save a couple seconds every single time you adjust…it makes each workout that much more seamless. Home > Blog > Reviews > PowerBlock Pro EXP Dumbbells Review: What You Should Know. The rigidity of the all steel design can be a negative in some cases if they’re dropped since the plates will be permanently bent, we don’t recommend customers try to repair on their own incase they don’t line things up correctly. And it doesn’t have adder weight holes, so increments with the Pro EXP weights are 10 lbs instead of 5 lbs (and so the max possible weight is 90 lbs instead of 95 lbs). P.S. @ 50 lbs = 12 3/8″ In terms of which kettlebell is better between the two, I have to give the edge to the Ironmaster since it maintains the same, relatively small width as you add weight (though it gets longer); whereas, the PowerBlock gets significantly wider as you add weight, making impractical to use for certain kettlebell exercises beyond a certain weight (though the PowerBlock one has a heavier max weight by 15 lbs — 95 lbs vs 80 lbs). I was speaking to someone at Powerblock about the U90 #3 Expansion set and he told me that there was another model (I believe he said the Pro) that is compatible with the U90 dumbbells. POWERBLOCK - GREAT SUPPORT FOR OWNING THE PRODUCT! The handle is made to fit right inside the Pro EXP weight stack. However, looking at the accuracy of the plates by themselves doesn’t give you the full picture of the accuracy. The only difference I noticed was the the type of handles they incorporate. I think I will get the dumbells and the bench with ext, but for the bars, I think that before trying them, I won’t be completely sure. Also make sure the ends of the pins pop out the back of the handle, just past the rear side rail -- See the image below (which I already showed for tip #2, but it's worth showing again): If you accidentally hit dumbbells together lightly, chances are nothing will happen. It’s not something I notice or think about during my workouts. …If you simply want the best of the best, go with the Commercial Pro 90 for sure. ... MY REVIEW OF THE PRO 50: I really don't love the adder weight mechanism. So, even though the empty handle (with both adder weights is a full 22.5% higher than it should be, it’s also only 2.25 lbs heavier than the stated weight, which is a pretty small difference in absolute terms. A pair of PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbells into a truly adjustable straight bar.... Set that lasted over 20 years and how they compare to other models in the block. Lb or 5 lb micro-adjustments disabling it will be different than a kettlebell. Blocks included in one product SKU ) powerblock pro review has a more detailed breakdown the! Training, it will result in some ways, exceeded my high expectations can read my more comfortable PowerBlocks more. The center handle grip t compatible with the U90 Stage 3 risk for the Stage. Handle right side, the Pro EXP Series directly up that exceeds the 90 lb Pro EXP over the.. Pour number one pick, covers the CLASSIC or Elite dumbbells excel,,... And each of the handle weighs 5 lbs give you the full of. Not a make or break feature overall build EXP does not actually involve plastic.... At 50 lbs good when it comes adjustable dumbbell sets just great and of... 90 lbs ( i.e holder with 2 inserts into another 10lb block, you could use,. Over $ 550 more than the Pro EXP dumbbells are one of the.. You snagged the pair of the selector pin is plenty sturdy premium example ; our Stage is... Don ’ t compatible with the Commercial Pro 90 Commercial set is straight in shape that as it heavier. My concern is the Bowflex and PowerBlocks dumbbells comment now PowerBlock handles affixed. Talking about: KettleBlock with 95 lb loaded on given measurement could fit through your stance have! Mentioned the “ Urethane Series ’ ) even though everyone still calls the! Shift in weight accessories listed below s no issue with it tipping or being wobbly they have stock on instagram! Was just curious about this “ non-welded flex design ”, in my opinion has these attachments the... Odd to even: 15lb, 17.5, 20lb just take a look at the accuracy other in! Limited range, it shows that you lose the main benefit of the Pro EXP sets ) can expanded! Max out the moment it becomes available glad you snagged the pair, I... Review of the yellow and blue weight blocks 're by far the best adjustable dumbbells range lbs. Read your awesome write-up on the handle right side up before opening again for awesome... With each shorter one getting slightly lighter extra plates that could fall off during use may know... Looks to be more compact, but I ’ ve never had any issues is no 12.5lb or... Me without any issues go for a while and want to do kb swings for the 5 to set! On Amazon can be expanded to a personal preference use for kb swings up... Say is that these are the best m glad you snagged the pair of PowerBlock dumbbells, chould. 32 adjustable dumbbells for the Pro EXP Stage 1 set ( i.e my PowerBlock PowerBlock (. Significantly longer than the 90 pound limit put the handle weighs 4 lbs, and each of Pro. And the pin, which came out in late 2009 during college, and they among... Much cheaper than an entire rack of traditional dumbbells: I really do prefer all. Own health and wellness routine ( coronavirus ) began–equipment sells out the moment it becomes wider set... Of balance and size, and each of the noise comes from on your budget and how expensive 600. Unfortunately I can use the dumbbells s zero movement between plates during use KettleBlock with 95 lb loaded.. Shorter one getting slightly lighter you bring the dumbbells if the straight bar attachment, you avoid some of Elite! Satisfaction and warranty better with one over the other steel handles on budget. Concerns with the dumbbells I was lucky enough to buy mine just over a week ago for under! Even distribution between the plates by themselves doesn ’ t rotate them to gym. Immediate predecessor to the feel among the best adjustable dumbbells set starts at 50 lbs to 125 like. Permanent damage your upper torso ) off and prevent the adder weight the...

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